Teaching through Academics In Asia will be one of the best and most defining decisions you have ever made. Whether you are coming for one year or with intentions of a longer stay, your academic and professional life will be enriched and enhanced through your experience here. With a wide range of teaching opportunities available and a great supportive staff, your teaching aptitude will be enhanced and nourished. The excitement and energy of the students will encourage you to renew your contract.  Engaging with Chinese culture will make you wonder why you didn’t come earlier!

Look through our Employment requirements and benefits, and peruse our many Academic and Oral English classes offered. Depending on your background and the school’s needs, you will join either the Academic Oral English Teamor Elementary SchoolThere are also optional Extra-Curricular Teaching Opportunities that provide a myriad of educational and cultural experiences to sharpen your teaching skills and experience the richness of China. No matter which subject you teach, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students and help shape China’s future. Read through our Teacher Testimonials to hear how teaching in China has shaped the lives of these current teachers at Sias.

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