Managerial Communication focuses on skills and strategies that managers need in today’s workplace. This book continues to stand out in the field for its strategic approach, solid research base, comprehensive range of topics, its even-handed examination of oral and written channels, and its focus on managerial competencies. The overriding principle for the revision was to preserve the book’s key strengths while bringing it in line with the early twenty-first-century workplace. The chapters have been streamlined and condensed to meet the needs of a busy contemporary manager and content was added to reflect current business practices. The reality is that an effective manager in today’s workplace must possess a wide range of skills. While being accountable to an executive board and a customer base, managers must be able to handle subordinates and cross-functional teams with diverse backgrounds, interpret complicated rules, and meet sometimes unclear organizational expectations. Since these advanced abilities do not necessarily come from prior work experience, communication education is a vital component in managerial development. The goal of this book is to meet the needs of a busy contemporary manager. #TeachAcademicsInAsia


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