Johnson University Teach Overseas Programs (TOP)

TOP students receive:

$3000 scholarship

for TOP students

3-Year teaching Contract

$5000 Bonus

Johnson University Provides
Sias Faculty 33% off
JU Tuition!

Get an MA degree as you teach in China

Teach, study, travel, and a master degree!


Johnson University has formed a partnership with Sias International University since 2012. Located nearby Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, Sias is a private university founded by a Chinese American businessman in 1998.  Two of Sias’ staff graduated from Johnson University’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology.  Sias owns a large impressive campus with over 27,000 students and 1,200 full-time faculty, including 140 foreign faculty members.  In summer of 2016,  President Emeritus Gary Weedman, President Tommy Smith, and Roy Miller, Dean of Templar School of Education, visited Sias. In September 2019, Sias University signed an MOU with Johnson about tuition arrangement: Sias University offers tuition reimbursements to JU graduates/alumni employed by Sias University and working toward a Johnson graduate degree of $3000; recipients are required to teach an additional year at Sias upon completion of coursework.

Two Online Degrees allow for teaching at Sias while studying online.

  1. MBA – learn more
  2. MA Intercultural Studies – learn more
  3. PhD Leadership – learn more


All degree programs are discount 33% for Sias University faculty.


Degree 2020/21 Rate 2021/22 Rate
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $500 per credit hour/36 credit hours
Fees $1,500
Total: $19,500
$530 per credit hour/36 credit hours
Fees $1,500
Total: $20,580


Degree 2021/22 Rate
Ph.D. in Leadership Studies $675 per credit hour/60 credit hours
Fees $2400; Regalia fee $767
Total: $43,667


Keep updated about the benefits of teaching here.

  • Airfare to China
  • Return Airfare (with completion of one-year contract)
  • Medical Care Allowance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Private Apartment (see pictures)
  • Internet and Utilities Paid
  • Free Weekend Trips (see examples)
  • Paid Winter Holiday
  • Free Chinese Lessons
  • NEW: Faculty Cafeteria with International Food is now not a required benefit (see pictures)
  • Salaries start from 6000-8000 RMB ($900-1200 USD) a month depending on degree attained. Every year teachers get a raise and signing a 3-year contract after the first semester gives teachers a 16.7% raise. See our Salary Chart. Learn more at How Much Money I Could Save Page.

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Read the all the FAQs here.

Here are some example questions:

1. What are the requirements or How do I apply?

2. Who pays for flights?

3. How much money can I earn or save?

4. Do I need to have teaching background?

5. What is there to do around the campus?

6. Is China Safe?

7. What type of food will we eat?

8. Do I have to speak Chinese?

9. How do I receive a care package!

10. What happens in medical emergency?

11. Is it illegal to practice religion?

12. What’s it like to be married or raise children in China?

Johnson University Online Courses

As you teach oversease, you qualify for 33% off Johnson University online graduate school degrees!


Click here to learn more about courses offered by Johnson. Contact Johnson University admissions for inquiries. We recommend those without teaching experience spend their first year teaching before starting graduate school. The learning curve can be steep for new teachers and everyone spends an extra 5-10 hours per week adjusting to a new culture, language, community the first semester.


See Johnson University FAQ 

Contact Info

Please contact Johnson and Sias University to let us now you are interested even if you are not graduating soon. We want to create a custom path for you to explore this opportunity that could include learning Chinese, teaching, visiting China, or advice about teaching overseas.


Click here to connect with current teachers on YouTube, Instagram and Blogs. You will learn their S.T.O.R.Y. by following our Instagram Contest #WhyNotChina

Also, meet our staff that will train, support, and help you thrive in China.

If you would like to do some more research on all the tuition discount programs we offer, please inquire here, or contact Duan Hua.