Peter Hall

Peter Hall is the foreign faculty residence. It has two separate but connected buildings. In between is a public lobby that has a privately-operated food and coffee shop called the Bridge Café. There are about 190 foreign faculty and family members who reside in Peter Hall. The buildings consist of different sizes of apartments. The single teacher will have an apartment consisting of a bedroom, living room, small kitchen, and bathroom. Couples with one or no children have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

There are two types of family rooms. Large families with more than three children will have three bedrooms, a big living room, a big kitchen, two bathrooms plus a single rest room. A couple with two children will have two bedrooms, a big living room, a big kitchen, two bathrooms and a rest room. Peter Hall’s C-Wing is relatively new and has five floors where most of the larger families live. The A&B Wings have five floors where most of the teachers live who are single, couples with no children, or couples with one child. All the apartments are fully furnished and have air conditioners and heaters.

Bridge Cafe

Between the original Peter Hall and the new C-Wing is Bridge Cafe which is a convenient place to meet with faculty or students, and grab a sandwich, coffee, and dessert.


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