Azusa Pacific University Teach Overseas Programs (TOP)

TOP students receive:

Up to 5 $6,000 scholarship

 for APU’s MA TESOL students

3-Year teaching Contract

$5500 Bonus

Up to 3 Joint Scholarships

for $2000 Towards Tuition

Get an MA TESOL degree overseas!

Teach, study, travel, and
complete a master’s degree!

Have you have dreamed about getting your MA TESOL Degree without going into debt?

Azusa Pacific University just announced
FIVE $6,000 Scholarships!


This scholarship is open to new graduate students who have been accepted to APU’s field-based TESOL program and who are committed to teaching English in China during the two years of their academic program. This award recognizes those who will perpetuate the mission of Azusa Pacific University during their academic studies and later as language educators. A two-year, renewable grant of $3,000 (totaling $6,000) will be awarded to up to five different recipients. Applicants must be enrolled full-time, and should be in good standing with the program and university (not on academic probation or conditionally admitted). Scholarship applications are due May 1st and recipients will be notified by mid-May.

Who Qualifies

Applicants must be enrolled full-time in APU’s MA TESOL and should be in good standing with the program and university (not on academic probation or conditionally admitted).

Recipients will be distinguished by the rigor and dedication they apply to their graduate studies, the skill and effort they apply to their craft of teaching, and the integrity and Christ-like compassion they demonstrate to their students and colleagues. Apply by April 1, for priority consideration for one of five available scholarships. The final deadline is May 1. Download the Tsern TEFL Scholarship Application (PDF) for more information.

For more information see:

Cost of Field-based Program (FBP) and Online Program (OLP)

The APU Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) FBP offers in-service teachers who have a secured contract for teaching abroad the opportunity to earn a master’s degree while concurrently teaching overseas. Students and faculty gather twice a year for two weeks of face-to-face (f2f) instruction. Many students have joined this program because they view their teaching as a vocation and feel called to serve by teaching abroad in China. A benefit of this program is a tuition discount (approximately 30%). The tuition for the 33 units is approximately $13,100 (at current 2019-2020 rates). When factoring in travel expenses, books, housing during the four weeks of f2f classes, and the application fee, costs are estimated at approximately $21,300. See Table 1.

The APU TESOL OLP allows students to complete all 11 courses online with no f2f meetings. Tuition for online students is higher than tuition in the TESOL FBP ($555/ unit vs. $397/ unit for 2019-2020 rates). However, when travel and housing costs are considered, the costs for the FBP can be more than the OLP. See Table 2. Students in the OLP can complete their degree in 1.5 years as compared to 2 years for the FBP

 Sias Scholarship and Sias Employment Bonus Details

Sias University signed an MOU with APU in 2020 for both institutions to put $1000 towards MA TESOL tuition for up to 3 people per year. New employees can receive job offers as early as March each year for Fall employment giving applicants time to enroll in APU MA TESOL FBP or OLP. New Sias employees have the option of signing a 3-year contract extension after teaching for one semester at Sias University. A 3-year contract provides a bonus of 6 extra months (July and August) to equal about $5500 USD in additional salary that can go towards tuition or expenses to attend APU courses in Chiang Mai.



Applying to graduate school can be an overwhelming process. There’s such a wide array of possible degrees and programs that all offer different perks. Do you want a graduate program that you get hands-on experience with? Or one that allows you to have a daytime job? Maybe you’re figuring out how you can get a graduate degree without going into debt. Online graduate degrees are a great option to fulfill all of those wants. Online degrees are becoming more common because of the fast pace economy and are just as reputable as a degree from a traditional classroom setting. If you’re wanting to get a TESOL degree, or something based on international studies, consider moving abroad and getting the degree online while working.

There is a countless number of teachers who got their master’s degree, and even doctorate’s degree, while teaching at Sias. They were able to have a full teaching load and gain experience as they studied what they were also learning through personal interaction with their students. Teaching at Sias at the same time as getting a graduate degree gives you a salary to help cover your tuition cost while also giving you housing, a possible meal plan, and enough free time to actually complete your homework. Once you have a graduate degree, Sias will give you a pay bonus!

A teacher currently getting his master’s degree in TESOL is Brian Funke. He is getting his degree through Azusa Pacific University. Because he chose to work in China as he gets his degree, he received a $10,000 scholarship! Other schools have similar opportunities where they give out scholarships to people wanting to work in the field to further their learning. Brian says that it’s been challenging to adjust to living overseas and starting a master’s program. Give yourself time to figure out how to do time management and use your free time wisely. He suggests having accountability partners to help encourage you and remind you why you are there. It’s never easy being an expat, but the rewards and personal satisfaction as you grow as a person is exponential.

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At your convenience, please look over the attached information about the Field-based Program. Also if you have questions about:

Dr. Mary Shepard Wong
Fulbright Senior Scholar (2012-2013 & 2015-2016)

Professor, Global Studies, Sociology, & TESOL Dept.
Director, Field-based Graduate TESOL Programs
Azusa Pacific University 901 E Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702


Keep updated about the benefits of teaching here.

  • Airfare to China
  • Return Airfare (with completion of one-year contract)
  • Medical Care Allowance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Private Apartment (see pictures)
  • Internet and Utilities Paid
  • Free Weekend Trips (see examples)
  • Paid Winter Holiday
  • Free Chinese Lessons
  • NEW: Faculty Cafeteria with International Food is now not a required benefit (see pictures)
  • Salaries start from 6000-8000 RMB ($900-1200 USD) a month depending on degree attained. Every year teachers get a raise and signing a 3-year contract after the first semester gives teachers a 16.7% raise. See our Salary Chart. Learn more at How Much Money I Could Save Page.
Payscale & Benefits 2019-2020


Read the all the FAQs here.

Here are some example questions:

1. What are the requirements or How do I apply?

2. Who pays for flights?

3. How much money can I earn or save?

4. Do I need to have teaching background?

5. What is there to do around the campus?

6. Is China Safe?

7. What type of food will we eat?

8. Do I have to speak Chinese?

9. How do I receive a care package!

10. What happens in medical emergency?

11. Is it illegal to practice religion?

12. What’s it like to be married or raise children in China?


Enrollment in APU’s MA TESOL is year-round. Its best to apply before April 1st.

Let Academics In Asia staff know as soon as you are interested in teaching at Sias University. If you apply before March 1st, you will have the opportunity to be in the first round of job offers in April.

  • March 1 – Application Deadline.
  • Feb – April – Interviews and Job Offers. There are two interviews. First is a self-paced online interview where applicants watch videos about school history and vision and provide 6 written responses and 1 video response. The 2nd live interview is with the team leader for the department one would work in. The interviewer may ask questions about how one handles difficult students in the classroom or what experience one has with EFL students.
  • April 5 – Email two recommendation letters for processing work visa (one letter emphasizing academic ability and the other emphasizing ability to serve, cross-cultural aptitude or to emphasize adaptability/heart of service leadership). 
  • May 15 – Deadline to sign the employment offer letter.
  • May 20 – Send your passport to our Los Angeles office along with an authenticated diploma and medical clean bill of health paperwork.
  • May 30 – Email school a doctor’s physical to testify of no contagious diseases. 
  • September 10 – Those who do not have an English, TESOL, or Education degree need to complete a $200 online TESOL Certificate. It takes about 3-weeks to complete. See
  • July 15 – School pays for plane tickets to depart from an international port city. 
  • August 17-21 – New Teacher Orientation.
  • August 24-28 – All teacher meetings.
  • August 31 – Fall Classes Begin! 

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