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Welcome to Academics in Asia!

We’re here to help you on the exciting journey of teaching in China. This website introduces Sias International University (referred to as SIAS below) and its partner schools. SIAS is the first American-owned university in Central China, and employs over 120 foreign teachers, providing the unique opportunity to become a part of an incredible community. The faculty at Sias is enriched through a variety of opportunities to connect with fellow teachers and students, making a lasting impact. The ability to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next is one of the greatest gifts we can give in life.

Teachers enjoy exploring historical sights in the area, and the city of Zhengzhou (about an hour away) is a convenient hub for traveling around the country and beyond.

Explore the teaching opportunities at Sias, check out the community life, and if you have questions or want to apply then contact us right away!

Sias accepts applications throughout the year, but its main hiring season is from January to May, for placement in the Fall semester. Qualified applicants who are unable to be placed at Sias are referred to its partner schools. As partnerships become official we will post the job opportunities at this website: www.Jobs.AcademicsInAsia.com

Enjoy the journey!

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How Much Could I Save?

August 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Just about all your expenses are covered when you work at Sias University. Airfare, Visa, Housing, Electricity, Internet, Cable TV, Culture Trips, weekly trips to Zhengzhou, and 6 weeks of paid holiday. $100 spends [...]

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