One of the amazing benefits of living on a college campus in China is there are so many affordable and amazing restaurants nearby. On the first floor of the international housing apartment complex are two upscale options. Bridge Cafe and a Chinese restaurant.

Sias University has 10 cafeterias with 330 food stalls!

Sias has the first on-campus McDonald’s restaurant among all colleges and universities in the province of Henan, as well as a Starbucks coffeehouse. Sias has also introduced a Middle Eastern Restaurant (‘Chinar’) and Western fusion restaurants.

Family housing includes a full kitchen space and single/couple housing provides space for a toaster oven, electric skillet, and/or microwave.

Bake Sales for Causes

We love our desserts. We love to help great causes. So, if your cause needs money. There most likely will be a International Faculty Bake Sale!

Hope Club Fundraiser

Street Food

With spring comes eating outside, drinking beer, and enjoying the weather. These photos, courtesy of [Sias University teacher], Vansak Sok, are of delicious “street food” and include some traditional cold dishes, hot dishes and people enjoying the outdoor dinning atmosphere and nightlife last week in Xinzheng city, Henan province, central China. [China Plus News]

Sias Street Food by Vansak Sok