Q: What sort of things are within walking distance of campus? For example, is there a large supermarket (like Carrefour or Dennis), or just small local ones? Is there a wet market? Any places of note?

A: On Campus
1. Waka supermarkets
2. Convenience stores
3. Many restaurants
4. Bakeries
5. Several drinks shops (tea, fruit drinks)
6. Frozen yogurt bar
7. Barbers
8. Nail salons
9. China Mobile and China Unicom shops (for servicing cell phones)
10. Hospital
11. Copy shops and Photography/Printing
12. Gift shops – “box stores” (students rent out sections of the store to sell variety of items)
13. Music store (guitars, sheet music for sale)
14. Fruit stores
15. Stationery stores
16. Post office (pick-up international mail)

Near Campus/5 minutes walk
1. Supermarkets
2. Fruit / vegetable markets
3. Many restaurants
4. Coffee house
5. Internet cafes
6. Karaoke (KTV)
7. Pizza
8. Flower shops
9. Barber shops / salons
10. Bike/electric bike rentals
11. Amusement park

Downtown/5-10 minutes by taxi, bus, bike
1. Waka department store
2. Dennis department store
3. Many restaurants
4. KFC
5. Peoples’ Park (open square)
6. Furniture market
7. Clothing (including baby clothing stores)
8. Indoor mall
9. Movie theater
10. China Bank, China Construction Bank, China Agricultural Bank branch offices

Zhengzhou/60 minutes by taxi/van, 90 minutes by bus
1. Food
2. Good website overviewing Zhengzhou attractions
3. We love Metro in Zhengzhou for buying imported food!
4. Walmart, Carrefour, and Dennis are in Zhengzhou, too.