Thank you for inquiring about whether you qualify to teach with an Academics in Asia partner school! In the last few years, the work visa laws have changed for who will be hired in East Asia.

Teaching Background Requirements:

Most schools in Indonesia require 5 years of teaching experience, but one has an exception. Henan province in Central China began requiring 2 years of teaching experience and made exceptions to the rule by allowing new teachers to complete a 120+ hour TEFL Certification (get details)

Non-Native English Speakers:

Non-native English speakers are allowed to teach English in China but need to have an English or Education college degree from one of the “Native” English Speaking countries (UK, Australia, NZ, S. Africa, Canada, and the USA).

Age Limitations:

China has put a strict limit of 60 years for those looking to teach, but some provinces allow teachers with a Ph.D. to teach up to 65 years old.
Our partner schools in Mongolia do not have this age restriction.

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Job Openings:

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