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Aaron grew up in the Bay Area, California. His father worked as a pilot for commercial airlines and from a young age, Aaron began traveling globally. While attending Cal Poly (SLO) he volunteered as a youth mentor and currently spends free time serving through CEO Global USA programs. He met Rachael in 2007 shortly after both of them completed their MA degrees and within a year they were married and moved to China. They now have four children who consider Peter Hall faculty housing their “home” even though they are on the road 6+ months of the year outside of China. Follow me around the globe on IG: www.instagram.com/aaronrachael Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aaronvorbau/
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What are the schooling options for children?


One question commonly asked is: What are the schooling options available to the children who have parents working at Sias? At first glance, there may seem like limited options as many parents primarily home school and/or send their child to the Chinese primary school. However, there are many opportunities for your child to have a fruitful educational experience while living abroad. Finding Your Homeschooling Styles Preference Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of homeschooling your child, or maybe it’s never been a thought that’s crossed your mind. To begin, it may be helpful to find your personal educational preference. There are many [...]

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How Much Could I Save?


Just about all your expenses are covered when you work at Sias University. Airfare, Visa, Housing, Electricity, Internet, Cable TV, Culture Trips, weekly trips to Zhengzhou, and 6 weeks of paid holiday. $100 spends more like $500 in Henan Province. But, not everyone budgets their money and many like to travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong or go to other countries like Thailand or the Philippines during our 6-week winter holiday. Don't plan on saving any money if you want to to travel to these places often during the school year. To help you plan, open this Excel document: Salary estimator updated [...]

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What to bring to China your first year


Aaron's Personal Story When Rachael and I first came to China in 2008 we just married and we were combining all of our life possessions while preparing to come to China. The task was intense and chaotic. I decided to convince Rachael to leave behind everything that had a "Made In China" label with the logic we can just buy that in China when we get there. Rachael was never convinced I knew what I was talking about, but we needed some filter as to what to leave behind. In hindsight, that is a good rule of thumb -- "only [...]

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AIA Travel Adventures Live Blog


Seven Academics In Asia (AIA) teachers will be Live Blogging as they travel around Asia during this long 7-week Winter Break. The Chinese academic school calendar is based on the Gregorian Calendar for the start of the Fall Semester and based on the Lunar Calendar for the start of the Spring Semester.

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Top 25 Reasons SIAS is Special


There are many ways SIAS University is unique and may be the softest landing for foreign faculty in Central China. These 25 reasons are so unique, you can’t find them at any other campus in all of China. 1. A community of 140 expat teachers and their 40 dependents. The most foreign faculty of any university in China. 2.

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How to Make an Overseas Teaching Resume or CV


There’s an old cliché that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and when you apply for jobs teaching English abroad – or just about any job for that matter – your resume, or “CV”, can make or break your chances of getting an interview and ultimately the job you want.

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6 Solutions to Obstacles for Teaching Abroad


The US student loan debt has surpassed the 1 Trillion USD Mark, but it doesn’t mean you are in loan-slavery. The the majority of college graduates today finance their education through borrowing. You may think, “Will I ever get a chance to pursue my dream of teaching abroad in countries where the wages may not pay off my loans quickly?”

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