Academics in Asia Ambassadors

An AIA ambassador is a current teacher chosen to represent Sias to prospective teachers throughout the recruitment process. These ambassadors act as liaisons between the AIA staff and those considering teaching at Sias. AIA Ambassadors help in a variety of efforts — such as sharing day-to-day tips and food recommendations, offering live glimpses into his/her life in China, calling or emailing candidates, assisting with virtual campus tours, offering Q&As with candidates and their families, and staying in touch with newly committed teachers throughout the onboarding process.

Sias University teacher recruitment is all about TRUST. Whoever chooses to move to China and work at Sias will be thinking and feeling their way through physiological needs (money, housing, bills), safety (COVID-19, travel dangers, politics), social (who will be my friends and what will my family/friends think of this choice), purposeful impact (will I make a difference or am I needed). The goal of the AIA Ambassadors is to help answer these questions through testimonies, stories, examples, and opportunities.

Many prospective teachers want the unofficial story of what life is like living in China and teaching at Sias. They want to get an authentic perspective from actual teachers who can offer details from their personal experience that AIA recruiters can’t. They may understand that AIA ambassadors are positively biased, with an “official” role to represent AIA well, but that’s okay. They’re not looking for dirt. Just perspective.

AIA Ambassadors help prospects imagine themselves at Sias. They build trust and help foster the prospect’s relationship with Sias. That’s what makes them so valuable.


Build trust
Ambassadors add a layer of authenticity to the AIA recruitment effort. Prospective teachers may feel more comfortable asking peers pointed questions about day-to-day campus experiences.

Foster relationships
These representatives provide candidates and their families a window into the reality of life at Sias. Their honesty and unscripted viewpoints will help prospective teachers feel more connected to Sias and life in China. Additionally, they can act as another personal point-of-contact.


Your role as an AIA Ambassador will be to help AIA equip passionate leaders to reach their full potential overseas, while investing in the next generation of global leaders by highlighting your time living and teaching at Sias University. This will be done through various media. You are the expert and we want to share your knowledge with other prospective teachers. You are the on-the-ground person, engaging recruits and helping them understand your experience abroad.


  • 6000 RMB total payout. 3000 RMB payment after 5 months and another 3000 RMB after the 10th month.
    (Projects completed on-time is a 600 RMB per month value. 400 RMB per month if completed, but after deadline).
  • Referrals from recruits are paid out to Ambassadors if the recruit chooses to join staff because of their relationships with the Ambassador. Learn more in Referral FAQ.
  • Promotion of your personal blog and social media across AIA’s platforms.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Selfie stick for Live walking tours.
  • Your own page on AIA website with an Ambassador Profile.
  • Training in Photography, Videography, and Writing with a StoryBrand style.
  • Fantastic experience to put on your resume.


  • Participate in 10 hours of Ambassador training in August. Times TBD.

  • Fill out Personal Profile + images of yourself for AIA Website in August.

  • Choose one (Topics will be planned in advance by Ambassadors):

      • Create x1 Instagram/Facebook Live every month over a 10-month period (total x10 IG/FB Live).
      • Write x1 Blog Article every month over a 10 month period (total x10 blog entries).
  • Post at least x1 weekly photo with engaging story to your personal Instagram/FB account every week (x40 posts over a 10-month period). Images/stories will be re-posted to AIA official social media accounts.

  • Plan and co-host x2 Webinars over a 10-month period, based on topics provided.
  • Connect with matched prospective teachers and help new teacher candidates decide whether to sign a contract with Sias University.