We’re here to help you on the exciting journey of teaching in China. This website introduces Sias University (referred to as Sias below) and its partner schools.

Sias is the first American-owned university in Central China, and employs over 120 foreign teachers, providing the unique opportunity to become a part of an incredible community.

Sias accepts applications throughout the year, but its main hiring season is from January to May, for placement in the Fall semester. Qualified applicants who are unable to be placed at Sias are referred to its partner schools.

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It’s a tight-knit learning community with a unique mix of Chinese and Western culture. I feel like I can experience Chinese language and culture as much as I want with a minimal amount of homesickness.


Sias offers a soft landing into the culture; the Chinese in this city have encountered several foreigners so they are patient and helpful to foreigners. However, many locals do not speak English so it is an adventure when you go outside campus and try to order some amazing street food.


Sias is a great community for a first-time experience overseas. The foreign community helps out those who might need a hand every once in awhile, and the location in Henan province offers lots of opportunities to learn about the history of ancient China.