Teacher Testimonials

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“[T]his university truly caters to the needs and the development of the foreign faculty. Western style food and accommodations, a large community of English speakers, cross cultural training, free Chinese classes, free foreign faculty trips within China…these are just a few ways that Sias seeks to take care of their staff. I seriously doubt there is any other school in China that offered a legitimate turkey dinner to its foreign faculty on Thanksgiving. “
– Elizabeth Carpenter
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“Be flexible with yourself, your time and your circumstances…never fear change.” – Ferdie Nuega [read more]


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“It’s the students that compel you to stay in China, and it’s the faculty that makes you feel back at home. ” – Mel and Dwight Duckins [read more]


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“I believe the new teacher orientation is both essential and also incredibly beneficial.  During training I was given vital information and irreplaceable resources by Sias staff, which has undoubtedly enabled me to be a better teacher…” – Sarah Wyckoff [read more]