Sias University offers a variety of academic courses, taught primarily through two departments: the School of Foreign Languages and School of Business (the School of International Education is a separate program offered through Fort Hays State University).

Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, including supervision, are provided.

Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.

We will not have confirmed openings for Fall until late March, but we can discuss course options in an interview with you.

April 5, 2021 UPDATE.
Claudia Yim, Academic Coordinator, confirmed the following courses will be taught by new teachers:

4 Business Teachers in School of Business to teach 2-3 of these courses:
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Strategic Management,
  • International Trade Theories and Practice,
  • Environmental Economics,
  • Management Economics,
  • Production
  • Operations Management,
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Human Resources,
  • Accounting,
  • Calculus (part-time)
4 Teachers in School of Foreign Language:
  • English Composition (Fall only)
  • English Composition with international students (Fall+spring)
  • Overview of Western Countries (Western history) (Fall only)
  • Freshmen Extensive Reading

Job Descriptions:

4 Business teachers
3 English Composition
1 Western History
1 Cross-Cultural Communication

1 Marketing Coordinator/Business Teacher
1 Assistant Basketball Coach/PE Teacher
1 Golf Instructor


Apply by May 1st.


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