Sias University New Teacher Orientation Recommendation

Prior to beginning the academic school year at Chenggong College, I had the opportunity to attend the new teacher orientation offered by Sias International University. From the moment I arrived in China, the Sias students and foreign faculty looked after me and treated me as their own for the entire week of training.

I believe the new teacher orientation is both essential and also incredibly beneficial.  During training I was given vital information and irreplaceable resources by Sias staff, which has undoubtedly enabled me to be a better teacher for Chenggong College.  This week of training is a great investment for those who want to improve their cross-cultural teaching skills. It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend the new teacher orientation offered by Sias International University.

                                                   –Sarah Wyckoff (Sept. 2014)


Note: if you will be teaching at Sias University this training is mandatory for first year teachers. If you will be teaching at partner schools, this is an optional training that takes place the third week of August. We will work with AIA partner schools to help coordinate transportation and visas required to get to the Sias new teacher orientation on time. The only cost to you will be paying $15 for 5 days to stay at a hotel near campus or $30 to stay on campus. Contact for more details.