Peter Hall

Peter Hall is the newly remodeled foreign faculty residence hall. Housing over 150 faculty and family members, Peter Hall is calling for you to make it your new home! The size of your apartment will depend on availability and number of dependents. Single faculty live in a one bedroom, one bathroom, and one family room apartment. Married couples are given a one bedroom, one bathroom, and two family rooms apartment. Faculty with children will be given a two or three bedroom, one or two bathroom, and two family rooms apartment.  All apartments are fully furnished and have heating and air conditioning.

Peter Hall also holds our dining hall, computer lab and resource room, large conference room and smaller meeting rooms, a café, and laundry facilities which are shared by all the residents.

washing machines-garytodd


Between the original Peter Hall and the new C-Wing is Bridge Cafe which is a convenient place to meet with faculty or students, and grab a sandwich, coffee, and dessert.

bridge cafe-garytodd

At night and during the holiday the Peter Hall lobby lights up nicely!


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