Meet the Team

Aaron Vorbau
Foreign Faculty Recruiter

(Aaron is your first point of contact for jobs at Sias or Partner Schools. Send Aaron your application/resume here.)
US: 209-877-7427
SKYPE: academicsinasiaSkype Me™!

Eric Valdois
Supervisor of Foreign Faculty
(Contact for the paperwork process)
International Operations International Cooperation & Exchange Dept (I.C.E.D.)
China Office:   +86 371-6260-0860 ext. 5860

Claudia Yim
Foreign Faculty Academic Coordinator

(Contact for questions regarding the teaching schedule) Email:

Greg Fennell
Interview Coordinator

(Contact for questions regarding interviewing at SIAS University) Email:

Marcelina James
Supervisor for Sophomore Oral English

(Contact about teaching Oral English)

Sunneye Phillips
TEFL Trainer

(Contact about teaching Oral English)

Gordon MacIlvaine
(Contact about teaching an academic course at Sias University)
Academic Faculty Supervisor

Gary L. Todd, Ph.D.
Professor of History

(Contact if you have questions about historical significance of location of SIAS University or about contract for Ph.D professors). (Chinese and World History)

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