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Applying with Academics in Asia is a multi-step task that starts here.

  1. To help you discern whether you would like to join our staff, please spend time looking through our website, especially the FAQAcademics section, Oral English Course Description, and Teacher Testimonials.
  2. Contact Aaron to ask him any questions you may have. Once you are confident this is a potentially good fit, begin the application process.
  3. Create your current résumé with an emphasis on your teaching and cross-cultural experience. See résumé tips blog entry here.
  4. Request reference letters.  For the reference letter, please ask a previous employer, colleague or mentor who knows you to write-up a one-page reference letter and send as a Word document attachment to or to you as a PDF document.
  5. Before filling out the application (next step), download this disclaimer and sign it (digital signature is okay).
  6. Fill out the below online application and attach your cover letter, résumé and reference letters (optional). This puts you into our pool of applicants that will receive interview requests.


Time Line





Next steps:

  • 1-2 interviews. Interviews will most likely occur in the late afternoon or early evening for those in America.
  • The beginning of March will be the earliest you will receive an offer letter. In the offer letter you will also receive a contract to sign. Upon signing you will receive an email requesting your passport, copy of health exam, and copy of diploma and/or transcripts.
  • Training opportunities will be explained. Optional LIT training in July and required on-site (in China) training will begin in early to mid August.

Contact Aaron with any questions or to follow-up with your application status. If you are having problems applying, go here.

Aaron Vorbau   Skype Me™!
International Recruiter
US: +1 209-877-SIAS (7427)
SKYPE: academicsinasia